Another wonderful article in the Montreal press

The Montreal Gazette

“Traces of Sandalwood (Rastres De Sandal) was so popular at the Festival des films du monde that it was sold out three times. (In fact, at the screening I saw, many passholders were forced to leave in favour of people who had tickets.) An extra screening has been added for those people and others. No doubt some fans will come back for a second look at this story of sisterly love and devotion which takes viewers from India to Spain.”  The Montreal Gazette- September 1st 2014

A great article in The Montreal Times

The Montreal Times

“Among the many movies mostly unknown to most critics, let alone to the public, there are some gems that surprise everybody, sometimes for the approach taken to the story or for their aesthetic quality. “Traces of Sandalwood” a Spanish film, but actually spoken in Catalan and English was one of those pleasant surprises. Directed by Maria Ripoll, written by Anna Soler-Pont, who was also the film producer, “Traces of Sandalwood” tells us a story of a lost identity and the effort to recover it. Two orphan sisters in Mumbai, India, are separated when the youngest of them is taken to a convent where she is adopted by a Barcelona couple. Mina, the older sister after facing many difficulties, manages to become a famous actress in Bollywood, the Hindi-language film industry. However she cannot forget her sister and starts a new search which leads her to Barcelona where she finds Sita, now named Paula, who is totally unaware of her origin. The story is quite touching without being sentimental. One of the remarkable aspects of the film is its extraordinary photography.” THE MONTREAL TIMES – August 27th 

New unexpected screening on September 1st, at 18.00 h at Cinema Odeón in Montreal!

Proyeccion Montreal Agosto 2014

Any international distributors around Montreal? The film has been scheduled again for a new unexpected screening on September 1st, at 18.00 h at Cinema Odeón Quartier Latin!! Because the 3 screenings of Rastres de sàndal at the Montreal World Film Festival were such an amazing success (ovations, tears and laughing, long Q&A with Anna Soler-Pont (producer and scriptwriter)…

First comments from the press

First comments about the film! By film critic Jorge Gutman in EL POPULAR (Toronto-based daily newspaper in Spanish):

“Este viaje emocional ( RASTROS DE SÁNDALO) relatado en forma sencilla, está muy bien filmado y visualmente impacta con el pintoresco colorido de Mumbai y la elegante ciudad catalana; además del sentimiento de afecto y calidez que emana de esta historia cabe destacar algunas simpáticas escenas bollywoodenses muy bien insertadas a la misma.”


“This emotional journey (TRACES OF SANDALWOOD) related in a simple way, is beautifully filmed and impacts visually with the picturesque colorful Mumbai and the elegant Catalan city; besides the feeling of affection and warmth emanating from this story, it includes some nice bollywood scenes well inserted to it. “

“Rastres de sàndal” (“Traces of Sandalwood”) takes off!

We are happy to announce that Rastres de Sàndal (Traces of Sandalwood) world premiere will take place at the Montreal World Film Festival, within the section out of competition Focus On World Cinema on August 22nd . There will be a total of three screenings, all of them scheduled at the Cinema Odeon Quartier Latin in Montreal (350, rue Éméry):
Friday, August 22nd at 16.50 h
Saturday, August 23rd at 19.20 h
Sunday, August 24th at 14.20 h

Later on, there will be two private screenings during the Toronto International Film Festival:
Thursday, September 4th at 15.00 h at the Cinema 6 at TIFF Bell Lightbox
Saturday, September 6th at 10.00 h at the Cinema 19 at Cineplex Odeon VIP Cinemas Yonge & Dundas

We hope many international distributors will attend these screenings! Distribution rights are handled by Imagina International Sales.

We´re also glad to announce that Rastres de sàndal (Traces of Sandalwood) will be opening the Indian Film Festival The Hague (Netherlands) on Wednesday, October 22nd, a very interesting festival focusing on Indian films or films about India.

The Catalan and Spanish theatrical release is scheduled for Friday, November 28th , distributed by Golem all around Spain.