Nandita Das

Picture 108

Nandita Das is an award-winning Indian film actress and director known for her acclaimed performances in Fire (Deepa Mehta, 1996), Earth (Deepa Mehta, 1998), Before the Rains (Santosh Sivan, 2007) and I Am (Onir, 2010). She has also directed the film Firaaq (2008), which won numerous international awards. She has been awarded the Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Letters by the Government of France for her work, and was the first Indian to be inducted into their International Women’s Forum’s Hall of Fame. She was also the Chairperson of the Children’s Film  Society of India. She was a member of Cannes Film Festival´s main Jury in 2005 and of the Short Film and Cinefondation Jury in 2013.

Aina Clotet

Retrat Aina

Born in Barcelona, Aina Clotet is an actress and writer with experience in Film, TV and theater. She is known for Los niños salvajes (Patricia Ferreira 2012), Les Infidèles (Michel Hazanavicius 2012) and Animales heridos (Ventura Pons, 2006).

Vaibhavi Hankare
Young Mina

Vaibhavi Hankare

Child actress born in Mumbai. She has participated in many children series for Indian television.

Naby Dakhli

Picture 111

Naby Dakhli is a new actor based in both London and Paris. He has trained at the Jack Waltzer’s Studios in Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris. A significant highlight of his career thus far was playing a lead character on the prime time TV show Le prince du camping, which aired on TF1, the most watched television channel in Europe.

Subodh Maskara

subodh maskara2

Subodh Maskara plays the husband of actress Nandita Das and is her husband in real life as well. This will be the second time they act as husband and wife, after the success of the play Between the Lines, which premiered in October of 2012 in New Delhi.

Rosa Novell
Paula´s Mother

rosa novell 3

Acclaimed Catalan theater actress in plays by Molière, Shakespeare, Beckett, Edward Albee, Pinter, Sergi Belbel, Joan Brossa …

Marina Gatell


Catalan actress known for her participation in Pa Negre (2010), Little Ashes (2009), Va a ser que nadie es perfecto (2006), Cocó (2003), among other films and TV shows.

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